Friday, December 19, 2014

Bonus 104 - Hatshepsut erased by Tuthmosis

Hatshepsut erased by Tuthmosis III
Egyptology has demonstrated that Pharaohs often altered earlier reliefs to change the historical record.  It appears that early 18th Dynasty pharaohs destroyed the textual evidence for the Hyksos ruling in Egypt.  The attempt by Tuthmosis III to erase Hatshepsut from all her monuments is a classic example.1.

Thus, as we endeavour to reconstruct ancient Egyptian history, it is important to remember that the best, and often only, texts we have are simply each Pharaoh’s best effort at public relations and political spin, regardless of the facts! Either way, archaeological evidence throughout Upper Egypt, and from the Karnak Temple to the Valley of the Kings, demonstrates the Bible’s accurate portrayal of ancient Egypt.

1. R. W. Dalman, “Captives of Amenhotep II.” Bible and Spade 16 no. 2 (2003): 53-54.

For Further Study
G. Wheeler, “Ancient Egypt’s Silence About the Exodus.” Andrews University Seminary Studies 40 (2002 ):257–64.

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