Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bonus 99 - Madaba Map

St George’s church in Madaba Jordan where the
Madaba Map is presently displayed as part of its floor.

Print of the Madaba Map as presently outside the
St George’s church in Madaba Jordan.

The author pointing to the site of Byzantine Zoar
on the Madaba Map, Madaba Jordan (2014).
The famous Madaba Mosaic Map1. of the Holy Land may provide clues for the identification of many biblical sites from the Byzantine period including Livias, Jerusaelm, Zoar, etc. While most sites portrayed on the Madaba Map are provided names, Sites One and Two (Fig. 1) are missing the tesserae depicting their names. Scholars have long speculated, based on the tesserae vignette of the two cities and their general location on the map, about the identification of these sites.

  • 1. Herbert Donner, The Mosaic Map of Madaba. An Introductory Guide, Palaestina Antiqua 7 (Kampen: Kok Pharos, 1992): 37–94; Eugenio Alliata and Michele Piccirillo, eds., The Madaba Map Centenary: Travelling Through the Byzantine Umayyad Period. Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Amman 7–9 April 1997, Studium Biblicum Franciscannum Collectio Maior 40 (Jerusalem: Studium Biblicum Franciscannum, 1999), 121–24 .

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