Thursday, December 11, 2014

Figure 37

St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Monastery

St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Monastery in front of Jebel Musa, Egypt, the traditional location of Mount Sinai.

Unfortunately the exact location of Mount Sinai is uncertain.  Locations have ranged from the area of Kadesh Barnea, northern Sinai Peninsula  (Gebel Khashm et-Tarif,  Jebel Magharah,  Jebel Sin Bisher ), NW Arabia (Midian), Saudi Arabia (Jevel al-Lawz),  to the traditional location in the southern Sinai peninsula, of Jebel Musa (mountain of Moses).

The Codex Sinaiticus  (01) was discovered in 1844 by Constantine von Tischendorf (1815–1874) in the Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Being a Greek copy, it is one of the most important hand-written four-column uncial manuscripts, as originally it contained the complete Old and New Testaments, the epistle of Barnabas, and portions of The Shepherd of Hermas and dates to the 4th century. Sections of the Codex Sinaiticus can be found in libraries in Russia, Great Britain, and Egypt.  Aland and Aland, The Text of the New Testament, 11–13, 107.

View from the top of Jebel Musa
the traditional location of mount Sinai

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