Thursday, December 11, 2014

Figure 41

The larger and lesser Ararat, Turkey
Mount Ararat is 17,000 ft or 5,181 metres high. Many believe from the weight of evidence that the ark is above or in the Ahora Gorge on the northeast side of Mount Ararat (see Fig. 41). In 2006 a group of Christians from Hong Kong, funded by Media Evangelism Ltd., calling themselves Noah’s Ark Ministries International, claimed to have found the ark under layers of rock and ice. They report that the cavity of the ark forms what looks like a cave. However, they have refused to share their samples with other organizations, like ArcImaging, who would like to perform tests on the samples. However, in February 2008 photos of geologic thin-sections of the “wood” were examined by creationary geologists Dr. Don Patton and Dr. Don Shockey, who concur that this is likely volcanic tuff and not petrified wood.

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