Saturday, December 13, 2014

Figure 63

The House of Ahiel and Millo
  1. The “Large Stone Structure” that E. Mazar believes is David’s Palace. 
  2. The “Stepped Stone Structure” or Millo. 
  3. The House of Ahiel. This four-roomed house was built into and over the Millo around 650 BC in the days of young Josiah and Jeremiah. The staircase to the left provided access to the home’s flat roof.
 Cahill states that:
“construction of the monumental stepped rampart in the City of David at the dawn of the Iron Age set the stage for Jerusalem’s future development as capital of the united monarchy.” Jane M. Cahill, “Jerusalem at the Time of the United Monarchy. The Archaeological Evidence,” in Jerusalem in Bible and Archaeology: The First Temple Period, ed. Andrew G. Vaughn and Ann E. Killebrew, SBL Symposium Series 18 (Atlanta, Ga.: SBL, 2003), 54.

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