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Photo Index

Photo Index
  1. Jean-François Champollion (1790–1832)
  2. Transport of the winged bull at Nimrod
  3. Sir Austen Henry Layard (1817–1894)
  4. Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (1810–1895)
  5. Sir Flinders Petrie (1853–1942)
  6. Stratigraphy of a Tell
  7. Oil Lamp Pottery Styles
  8. City wall at Tall el-Ḥammâm
  9. Professor Nelson Glueck (1900– 1971)
  10. Lion Gate of Ḫattuša (Boğazköy)
  11. Seal (Bulla) “Belonging to Hezekiah (Son of) Ahaz King of Judah”
  12. Pottery jar handles stamped with seals reading lmlk (“belonging to the King”).
  13. Tall el-Ḥammâm on the eastern side of the Jordan Valley.
  14. In situ Iron Age 2A hippo storage jar
  15. Author holding an Iron Age 2A hippo storage jar from the Tall el-Ḥammâm
  16. Square drawing of square 16B1 in the Roman bath complex at Tall el-Ḥammâm
  17. The Sumerian pictograph tablet
  18. Seal (bulla) with the 8th cent. BC inscription “belonging to Ahaz (son of) Yotham King of Judah”
  19. The Siloam inscription
  20. Gezer tablet (10th cent. BC)
  21. Dead Sea storage jar
  22. Dead Sea Scroll reproduction
  23. Qumran Cave number 4
  24. Dead Sea Scroll Messianic Testimony (4Q175) 
  25. Codex Leningradensis
  26. Library of Celsus in Ephesus
  27. Egyptian scribes
  28. Qumran benches
  29. Qumran scriptorium
  30. Wooden writing board
  31. Qumran inkwell
  32. Ostracon bearing the name “ben Yair”
  33. Papyrus plant
  34. Papyrus 1228 manuscript (P22 Gen 1026/13) Contains John 15:25–16:2 and 16:21–32
  35. Rylands Papyrus P52 (Gr.P.457) from the Gospel of John.
  36. P. Chester Beatty P46 Contains 2 Corinthians 11:33-12:9
  37. St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Monastery in front of Jebel Musa, Egypt
  38. Sumerian statue from ancient Mesopotamia (5300–2000 BC)
  39. Weld-Blundell Prism (Sumerian King List ca. 1827–1817 BC)
  40. Durupinar, Turkey
  41. Larger and lesser Ararat, Turkey
  42. Great Ziggurat of Ur
  43. Household gods (Heb. teraphim)
  44. View of Israel from Mt. Nebo
  45. Sizes of major cities in the Levant during the IB2 periods, ca. 4000–2000 BC
  46. Bâb edh-Dhrâʿ
  47. Tall el-Ḥammâm
  48. Sizes of major cities in the Levant during the MB1-2 (MB IIA-B-C), ca. 2000–1540 BC
  49. Human remains at Tall el- Ḥammâm
  50. Klinker of melted pottery or trinitite
  51. Reconstruction of the Tall el-Ḥammâm MB gate complex
  52. Iron Age four-roomed house from Tall Umayri, Jordan
  53. Mudbrick wall at Tell el-Dabʿa (Avaris or Rameses)
  54. Mortuary Temple, Egypt
  55. Drawing of the Berlin relief
  56. Jericho, Tell es-Sulṭân
  57. Philistine bichrome ware jugs from Megiddo
  58. Mudbrick wall at Jericho
  59. The author holding a large mudbrick from the site of OT Jericho
  60. Grain storage jars in Jericho
  61. Gate at Khirbet el-Maqatir (Ai?)
  62. Scarab seal from Khirbet el-Maqatir
  63. The House of Ahiel and Millo (part of David’s Palace?)
  64. Large Stone Structure (David’s palace?)
  65. Proto-Canaanite script, Large Stone Structure, Jerusalem
  66. Gath (Tell eṣ-Ṣafi) Ostracon with inscription similar to the biblical name of Goliath
  67. Khirbet Qeiyafa Ostracon believed to contain the names of David and Goliath
  68. Izbet Sartah Abecedary (1200-1000 BC)
  69. Iron age oil lamp
  70. Sheshonq I scarab discovered at Khirbet Hamra Ifdan, Jordan
  71. Black Obelisk depicting the Israelite King Jehu
  72. Immer seal impression from the Temple Mount
  73. Absalom’s Tomb in the Kidron Valley
  74. Al Khazneh or The Treasury at Petra, Jordan
  75. Looking inside the dome of the Herodium
  76. Scriptorium room at Qumran
  77. Bronze Sestertius coin (AD 71) of Vespasian (AD 69-79)
  78. mikva’ot (ritual purity baths), Qumran
  79. Madaba Map, Jordan
  80. Roman mile marker to Livias
  81. Livia Drusilla, (58 BC-AD 29, Tiberius’ mother)
  82. Roman bath complex Tall el-Hammâm, Jordan
  83. Oil lamp fragments from the 2009 Tall el-Ḥammâm excavation
  84. Drawing of the Pool of Siloam, Jerusalem
  85. Pool of Siloam, newly discovered in 2004
  86. Artist’s depiction of the Pool of Siloam
  87. Gospel of Judas (Page 33 of Codex Tchacos)
  88. Ossuaries in the Dominus Flevit (“The Lord wept”) Church
  89. Ossuary of the high priest, Joseph, son of Caiaphas (Yosef Bar Kayafa)
  90. Close-up of the Aramaic inscription on the James ossuary
  91. The James ossuary (bone box)
  92. Dead Sea from Machaerus
  93. Jerusalem, Herod’s Temple Mount at the time of Jesus
  94. The Theodotus inscription, Temple Mount
  95. Inscription of Sergius Paulus, the proconsul in Paphos, Cyprus
  96. The Gallio inscription from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece
  97. Synagogue in Miletus
  98. “Place of the Jews, who are also called God-fearing” inscription Miletus theatre
  99. Romans 13:3 mosaics at Caesarea Maritima
  100. Erastus inscription (Romans 16:23)
  101. Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls, Rome
  102. Julius Claudius (AD 41-54)
  103. Silver Denarius coin of Domitian
  104. Island of Patmos
  105. Restored Library of Celsus, Ephesus
  106. Imperial Cult altar
  107. Martyrdom of Polycarp, St. Polycarp Catholic Church, Izmir Turkey
  108. Priest who served in the temple of the Imperial Cult
  109. Apotheosis of Antoninus Pius and Faustina
  110. Emperor Domitian (AD 81–96)
  111. Sebasteion or Augusteum, in Aphrodisias
  112. Statue of Imperator Marcus Ulpius Trajanus (Trajan AD 98–117)
  113. Artemis from Cyrene
  114. Artemis from Ephesus
  115. Remains of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus
  116. Recreation of the Artemision, Temple of Artemis
  117. Ephesian Drachma coin (ca. 202–133 BC)
  118. Silver Tetradrachm from Smyrna (ca. 155–145 BC)
  119. Bronze statue of a runner wearing the laurel wreath
  120. Acropolis of Pergamum and theatre
  121. Altar of Zeus at Pergamum
  122. Trajaneum in Pergamum
  123. Column in the courtyard of the  Asclepion, Pergamum
  124. White stone pillar at Pergamum
  125. The Temple of Artemis in Sardis (330 BC)
  126. Bema of the 3rd cent. AD synagogue in Sardis
  127. Travertine pools Hieropolis
  128. Water tower at Laodicea

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